Edward J. Schneider
               Author of Parallel Past series



The Plunge Book one of the Parallel Past Series.  Follow Chandra Jarvis as she time travels back to 1850 from 2150.           

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The Renewal
Book Two  Chandra happens upon the most startling discovery of her whirlwind life as she is thrown into 1850.

The Revealing
Book 3  The final chapter of this three book series.  Will Chandra find true love as she is thrown back in time from 2150. 


This completes my three book series.  However, I am not done yet.  Check back, Book 4 will be out soon.    


Short Biography

I was born in a little town in Southeastern Wyoming called Wheatland in 1941. I am the fourth of six children. We moved to a small town of one hundred fifty people called Hawk Springs, Wyoming, when I was six years old.

My father opened a blacksmith shop there, and we lived in couple of tarpaper shacks and later in a granary storage building that my father converted into a house. We lived there for ten years. My school class consisted of only four pupils. During those years, I worked summers for farmers and ranchers.

We moved to the larger town of Torrington, Wyoming, where I finished high school.

I moved to the Los Angeles area when I was twenty-one years old and spent the next fifteen years going to night school, working as an engineer’s aid, a lab assistant in research and development in the aerospace field, a data control clerk, and a computer operator at a large hospital complex.

Missing the sunsets, beautiful clouds, and the breathtaking views of far horizons—and the good people—I eventually moved back to Wyoming, where I worked as a programmer analyst for the next eleven years, and then did the same thing in Idaho and Utah until I retired and returned again to Wyoming. It was in Idaho that I met my wonderful wife.

My hobbies are eclectic reading, playing the guitar, singing (until a few years ago), amateur astronomy, and writing.

I am the father of two children and the grandfather of five on my biological side, and have four stepchildren and fifteen step-grandchildren.

I currently live in Southwestern Wyoming on five acres with my wife.


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